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Antalya airport

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Antalya airport

ANTALYA AIRPORT (ayt) is the largest airport in the Mediterranean region, the cradle of tourism. There are 2 international and 1 domestic (domestic) terminals. VIP out of them and there are CIP terminals Antalya airport opened in 1960 in Istanbul after the new airport and Sabiha Gokcen airport has a turkey's 3rd largest airport not feature internal hatlarv approximately 800-900 flight time of day from the external lines are passengers Europe's busiest matter will be evaluated in terms of traffic 15th airport, especially in the summer months, welcomes foreign passengers coming from many places in the world and in 2018 increased by 37% compared to the previous year. 5 million 832 thousand 894 people reached their terminals. It was. In terms of transportation, it offers various possibilities for the passengers coming and going with many options. Buses 600 and 600a go to the bus terminal every half-hour through the city cemetery. Taxi stops are located at the exit door of each terminal, all taxi drivers are located in the northeast of the city, which is located at the airport of the airport 10 km from the city center. distance to the other tourism areas (townships, 135 km from the area, 50 km from the port, 40 km from the arch is 30 km from the side 45 km. There is a separate section.

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