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Places to Visit in Alanya: A Guide to Historical and Natural Attractions.



Located on Turkey's southern coast, Alanya is a favorite destination for vacationers with its historical and natural beauties. In this guide, you will discover the most popular and must-see places in Alanya. Here are the must-visit spots in Alanya:


1. **Alanya Castle**


Alanya Castle is one of the most iconic structures of the city. Built by the Seljuks in the 13th century, this castle captivates visitors with its magnificent Mediterranean view. Explore the historical walls and towers as you ascend the castle. Also, take time to discover the old houses and narrow streets inside the castle. For photography enthusiasts, capturing the city view from the castle at sunset will be a wonderful experience.


2. **Damlataş Cave**


Located in the center of Alanya, Damlataş Cave is famous for its clean air, which is said to be beneficial for asthma patients. The cave offers a unique experience for nature lovers with its mesmerizing stalactites and stalagmites. The humid and clean air inside the cave is particularly beneficial for health. After visiting the cave, you can swim at the nearby beach.


3. **Kleopatra Beach**


Named after the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra, this beach is known for its fine sand and crystal-clear waters. Ideal for sunbathing and swimming, Kleopatra Beach is the first choice for those who want to enjoy the sea in Alanya. The walking path and café-restaurants along the beach offer pleasant moments for visitors. Don't forget to explore the underwater world by snorkeling.


4. **Alanya Shipyard**


The Alanya Shipyard, dating back to the Seljuk period, is one of Turkey's best-preserved shipyards. With its historical atmosphere, it is a must-see place for maritime enthusiasts. During your walk in the shipyard area, you can learn a lot about maritime history. Moreover, this area is ideal for photography.


5. **Alanya Archaeological Museum**


The Alanya Archaeological Museum showcases the rich history of the region. The museum, which displays artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine periods, particularly draws attention with the statue of Hercules. The museum is an indispensable stop for history buffs and sheds light on Alanya's past. The exhibits and information inside the museum are both educational and interesting for adults and children.


6. **Dim River and Dim Cave**


For those who want to spend a day in nature, Dim River and Dim Cave are perfect choices. You can swim in its cool waters, eat trout at the riverside restaurants, and explore the enchanting atmosphere of the cave. The picnic areas and recreational spots along the Dim River allow you to enjoy a pleasant time in nature. Additionally, the walking paths and lighting system inside the Dim Cave offer an impressive experience for visitors.


7. **Sapadere Canyon**


Sapadere Canyon is ideal for nature walks and photography. During your walk along the canyon, you will encounter waterfalls and natural pools. You can also swim in these pools to cool off. While walking in Sapadere Canyon, you can closely observe the natural life and flora, and enjoy a peaceful day accompanied by bird sounds. Furthermore, the waterfall at the end of the canyon is a great spot for visitors to cool off and relax.


8. **Alara Han and Alara Castle**


For those interested in history, Alara Han and Alara Castle are must-see places. These structures from the Seljuk period reflect the historical texture of Alanya. Alara Han, which was used as a caravanserai, offers visitors the opportunity to journey into the past. Alara Castle, located on a high hill, allows you to enjoy the surrounding landscape. It is an ideal route for those who want to see both historical and natural beauties together.


9. **Syedra Ancient City**


Another historical spot in Alanya is the Syedra Ancient City. This ancient city, dating back to the Roman Empire, enchants its visitors with its rich historical ruins. By walking on the stone-paved roads of Syedra, you can discover ancient aqueducts, baths, and theater ruins. Moreover, you can watch the magnificent view of Alanya from the high points of the ancient city.


10. **Alanya Cable Car**


For those who want to see the beauties of Alanya from a bird's eye view, the cable car experience is a must-do activity. The Alanya Cable Car extends from Damlataş Beach to Alanya Castle and offers unique views. During the cable car ride, you can watch the panoramic view of both the sea and the city, and capture great moments for photography.


Alanya offers unforgettable memories to its visitors with its historical and natural beauties. By visiting the places mentioned in this guide, get ready to discover the unique atmosphere of Alanya. Enjoy every moment you spend in Alanya and experience these beauties. During your holiday, you can make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable by using Alanya VIP transfer services. As Euro VIP Transfer, we are happy to offer you the best quality service.

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